Bear's House

The Casa dels Ós Bru dels Pirineus is located in Isil (Alt Àneu, Pallars Sobirà).
It is a project of the Casa dels Ós Bru dels Pirineus Association, formed by the EMD of Isil and Alòs and the Fundación Oso Pardo, and is supported by the Generalitat of Catalonia.
The bear's interpretation center, unique in Catalonia, is located in Casa Sastrès. The building, of traditional architecture, is made of stone, slate and wood. It dates from 1825 and retains its original structure after the rehabilitation. It has four skillful plants, of which three are dedicated to the brown bear of the Pyrenees.
The Association of the Bears of the Pyrenees of the House is responsible for managing the center, which was opened in 2012. In addition, different members of the association participate in European plans for the coexistence between the bear , people and the environment such as PirosLife, and develop educational projects related to this plant.

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